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for fans of the film

The "Once" Fan Community
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For fans of the film "Once"
This community is for fans of the indie film "Once"

Taken from rottontomatoes.com
The Irish romance ONCE may be a musical, but it is miles away from the traditional Hollywood idea of people bursting into song. Glen Hansard (frontman for indie rock band The Frames) plays the guy, a street musician who is playing for change when he meets the girl (Marketa Irglova), an immigrant from the Czech Republic. The pair immediately bond over their shared love of music (he is a guitarist, and she plays the piano), and the film chronicles their tentative relationship. Both are weighed down by plenty of baggage: his songs are fueled by a painful breakup, and she is a young mother who left her husband behind in her native country. Like the independent favorite BEFORE SUNRISE, ONCE is a simple, sweet drama that doesn’t rely on an elaborate plot. With its use of digital video and handheld cameras, ONCE matches its spare visual style to its intimate mood. Each moment feels stolen from real life, and the story is at once familiar and fresh. Driven more by music than by dialogue, ONCE features a stirring soundtrack of heartfelt indie rock sung by Hansard and Irglova. Before his foray into film, director John Carney (ON THE EDGE) played bass in The Frames, and his passion for music is clear in this modern musical that hits every note perfectly.

ONCE's current review count from Rotten Tomatoes: 134 fresh, 4 rotten.

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If you've seen the movie, you already know it's amazing. So this is a place to post anything and everything related to ONCE. Pictures, videos, reviews... whatever you want.

Well, whatever you want within moderation. Here are the community rules:
1. Posts which have nothing to do with Once, or the music/actors involved in the film, are not allowed.
2. Promotion of other communities is allowed, but please, keep them to a minimum, and somehow related to this film or the community's interests.
3. Be nice! Any disrespectful or rude comments are not tolerated. However, critical discussion is always welcome, so long as it is conducted in a respectful manner.
4. Feel free to post icons, graphics, or fanfictions! Just make sure that larger posts are under an LJ-cut.
5. Requests for the soundtrack are not allowed. This community is for supporting this film, and if we were to give away its soundtrack for free, that would be very unsupportive of us.

This community has open membership. If members abuse this, I will begin moderation.
If you have any comments or questions about this community, feel free to contact either of the moderators (kelzy907 & srahman24).

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