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Interesting turn of events...

My mind is blown. Kris Allen did a cover of The Swell Season's "Falling Slowly" on American Idol, and while on tour, he has been doing a (brilliant) Falling Slowly/With Or Without You mashup. Now The Swell Season is covering Kris Allen's cover of their song. Oh. My. God. This is amazing.

In this video, Glen Hansard explains to the audience that he "saw a guy on YouTube singing Falling Slowly, and he sang it at the end. I thought it was clever, so I'm copying him. He was the dude who won American Idol ... Seems like a nice guy."


First Post: Twice

Title: Twice
Author: Me
Rating: PG, closer to -13 or R in the last few parts
Summary: It's been over a year since he left, months since her letters stopped coming, and they're both beginning to realize they've missed out on something grand.
Additional Notes: I had originally meant for this to simply be a drabble collection (inspired in part by [info]ryukoishida , who wrote  theirs and made me completely obsessed with that film aain), but then it turned into something much more monstrous and much less true to the original story, for which I apologize. Anything you don't recognize is mine, except Brandi Carlile. It'd be nice to own her, though! Haha.
Link: www.fanfiction.net/s/5394717/1/Twice

New icons

Teaser :

icons are here

[001][010] Julie Andrews
[011][014] Into the wild
[015][000] Jensen Ackles
[016][019] Garfield
[020][021] Elijah Wood
[022][023] David Gray
[024][025] CSI
[026 -029] Bryan Adams, Robert Redford, Beauty & the Beast
[030][044] Johnny Depp
[045][056] John Mayer
[057][066] Josh Groban
[067][070] Marg Helgenberger
[071 075] Micheal Bublé, James Dean, Marilyn Monroe
[076][078] Milo Ventimiglia
[079][080] Once (the movie)
[081 -083] Penn Badgley, Simon Baker
[084][104] Stocks
[105][110] Lion King, Once (movie)
[106][109] William Petersen
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Once soundtrack makes another list

The soundtrack for Once was chosen by NPR as one of the 50 most important recordings of the decade. See the full list here.


New song and special guest

Hope everyone's enjoying the new tour - feel free to put up recaps, setlists, pics, and general squee on here :)

Just thought I'd share something that most of you have probably already seen, but here goes anyways:

From the youtube description: The Swell Season at Warehouse Live in Houston on November 13th, 2009. Glen introduced a new song, inviting the audience to sing along. Upon a quick rehearsal of our part, he heard one voice that he dubbed "Aretha" and promptly invited it's owner, Moji (sp?) to join him onstage. Here is the magical result!

A friend of mine was at the show and said it was pretty damn incredible.

6 Icons ^-^

I've just got 'Strict Joy' through Amazon.ca today, which makes me esctatic (listening to it right now ^^), which in turn, makes me want to make a few icons. And there they are!

tr_icon09.jpg image by ryuko_ishida ray_icon09.jpg image by ryuko_ishida

once_icon05.jpg image by ryuko_ishida tf_icon02.jpg image by ryuko_ishida

[06] The Swell Season
[09] Three Rivers (Andy, David, Miranda)
[12] Raymond Lam (Old photoshoots, w/ Aimee Chan, 'The Four')

Clickity click here for more.

Hey kids. If you're up for that sort of thing, there's an autographed copy of 'Strict Joy' being auctioned right now to benefit the African Well Fund. You can find it here.

Bidding's only up to $14.00 right now, so you might even be able to pull it for just about the cost of the CD.

'Low Rising' - Video

Via their Twitter about half an hour ago:

Watch the exclusive video premiere of 'Low Rising' now on Spinner. Enjoy it guys.xxx (Link)

Tour update and New Interviews

I'm sure you've all heard by now, but a flurry of new dates have been added to the tour!  Full tour listing can be found on The Swell Season site.  And it looks like Doveman will be opening up for a quite a bit of the North American tour!

Recently, Glen and Mar also did a small press tour.  All the articles resulting from that are starting to come out including:

- An interview with Glen, from Billboard where he talks about Edward Norton, Strict Joy, and The Simpsons

Billboard: The Swell Season won an Oscar for the song "Falling Slowly" -- and has been immortalized in an episode of "The Simpsons." Which was more surprising?


Hansard: "The Simpsons," of course. "The Simpsons" is the one thing that binds the world together in a way. People don't watch the Oscars necessarily in India, but they watch "The Simpsons." What really struck me was that they were doing a little bit of a joke on "Once," but "Once" was a tiny film in the world. It did OK in America, but in the world of cinema, it hardly got recognized. I said this to the people at "The Simpsons" and they said, "We don't care. If we like something, we'll parody it. It's up to the rest of the world to figure out what we're parodying." When you've been on "The Simpsons," you know something has shifted.

- An interview with Glen, from the Irish Times, where he talks about the future of the band, the new album, being Irish, success post-Once

- An interview with Marketa, from the Irish Times, where she talks about fairies, the Irish, exploring Ireland and is generally the most adorable thing ever.

You have to be patient with the roadsigns. I know that from experience. You’re driving, trying to find a little town, and you follow the road signs and everything is okay and then you hit a junction and there is no sign whatsoever and you go around in circles for hours. Or else you see a sign for a town and it says it’s 11km away and then you travel 3km and the next sign says its 11½km away. I find it hilarious. I know it can be infuriating when you’re trying to hurry someplace, but in a way it is also endearing

And be sure to head over to this blog post for a few more goodies (incl. a podcasted performance & interview with the always awesome (and Canadian!) Jian Ghomeshi, video of Glen Hansard and Damien Rice busking outside their Ruby Sessions gig and Glen playing a brand new song!) and an interview with KPCS where Glen and Mar talk about "writing the new album, the aftermath of the Oscars and Glen's appearance at the funeral of Eunice Kennedy Shriver, who had been one of the cornerstones of the Special Olympics movement.".

Hopefully there'll be more news in the lead up the tour.  And as always, I really hope we get to see everyone's pics and hear everyone's stories if you're lucky enough to be going to one (or more?) of the gigs!